Careers at Activate Care

Software Engineer

From architecture, to planning, development, and code review, Software Engineers at Activate Care build features and products that improve lives across the country. 

Andrea is a care coordinator helping navigate hundreds of patients through complex care. Each day, she needs to focus on the most critical patients before their care veers off track, and guide their care teams back to an ideal trajectory. Using Activate Care’s web-based platform, Andrea can launch a targeted series of care workflows to ensure each patient gets the best possible treatment, especially when care crosses organizational boundaries, includes family caregivers, or requires the engagement of community services. In concert, Activate Care integrates each patient’s care plan with data from hospitals, health information exchanges, or insurers, so that automated or human decision-making is always well-informed.

  • Take a deep dive into our codebase, building new features and improving our existing functionality.
  • Actively pair with colleagues through all stages of our process: architecture, planning, development, and code review.
  • Work closely with our UX and Account Services teams to understand our users—patients, families, clinicians, case managers, and community resources—so we always build functionality that matters.
  • Engage fellow team members and users to develop and refine design concepts for our web and mobile applications
  • Guarantee code quality and user experience through automated testing, ranging from isolated unit tests to in-browser integration tests.
  • Do meaningful work building a product that improves lives.
You are:
  • A genuinely nice person.
  • Committed to iterative improvement—of the product, the process, the team, and yourself—learning from others and teaching others in return.
  • Passionate about finding clear solutions to complex problems.

You have:
  • A relevant degree in computer science or a related field.
  • 2–5 years experience building and deploying web-based Ruby on Rails applications in a production environment at scale.

Cool if you are:
  • Familiar with React + Redux.
  • Perhaps interested in data visualization frameworks like D3 or Processing.

Interested? Contact Erik Raudsepp, Sr. Director of Engineering, with your résumé, portfolio, and a few thoughts about why working in healthcare resonates with you.


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