Activate Care's signature service offering, CommunityConnect™, leverages experienced community engagement practitioners to help you activate, launch, and scale your local network of health and social care providers.

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Community Engagement &

Network Development Services


care-coordination Community Activation & Engagement

The Activate CommunityConnect™ service is designed to support cohesive closed loop coordination between your social services providers and healthcare organizations. By understanding the needs of your community, our team of experts help you make informed decisions to build strong trusted networks that deliver results for individuals with unmet social needs. 

Since 2012, Activate Care has helped communities across the country dramatically improve community health outcomes through stronger collaboration, tighter coordination, and deeper local engagement.

referral Resource Directory & Referral Management

Our Activate CommunityConnect™ experts support you every step of the way as you determine exactly how to configure your resource directory information and referral management processes. We share your goal of delivering a seamless referral experience for your community members above all else. 

Hundreds of healthcare and social services organizations use Activate Care's cloud-based technology, Activate CareHub™, every day to coordinate community care programs, refer patients and clients between organizations, and measure the impact and outcomes of their work.

data-&-analytics Data-Driven Strategies for Growth & Sustainability

As you begin using our technology you will have access to powerful new data about the outcomes of referrals to social services organizations. A series of custom data reports are available to help your team monitor, evaluate, and demonstrate the progress of your social needs efforts.

Our unique Network Scorecard gives partners the ability to understand where they perform compared to others in their network, as well as learn about innovations from your network partners. Reports will give you insight into things like: pending referrals, referral outcomes, service partner activity, and network engagement.

All-in-One Solution for SDOH Care

Activate Care™ coordinates the network of healthcare and social services providers across your entire community, helping you connect individuals in need to the services that can help them right now.


Bring together coordination, intelligence, and critical data so your organization can deliver better outcomes.

Let's get started with a live demo of our solution. You'll see why leading organizations selected the Activate CareHub™ as their platform, and get your questions answered by one of our specialists.