Community Care Record

For 211 and I&R Agencies

For 211 and I&R Agencies

A new way to engage community partners

Improve capacity of social services and track people through the system. Referrals, care coordination, and data exchange are all meaningful inputs into this process. Activate Care’s Community Care Record connects all the dots. Talk to our team today.

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Increase in program capacity


Increase in member engagement


Decrease in avoidable ED visits


Increase in community partnerships

Cross-Sector Data Exchange

From day one, we built Activate Care to actively break down barriers between siloed health and community organizations. Our interoperable approach to data and workflow management enables the communication and collaboration that people need for effective care.

Care Coordination Program

Community Coordination

Activate Care helps your team follow individuals’ care across healthcare providers and community agencies. With the industry’s only Community Care Record, you can ensure that care is being delivered, gaps in care between health and social needs are closed, and participants experience connected, simplified processes.

Care Team Contacts

Closed-Loop Referrals

With a single view into the social, environmental and lifestyle factors impacting a person’s health, Activate Care is an integral part of your community’s journey towards integrated care. With the right-sized referral network, you can accelerate the time to resolution of a social need, while reducing duplication and effort for every team.

Closed-Loop Referrals

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“As I learned more about Activate Care’s technology, data, and analysis to get community members on a path to better health, I was impressed. They seem to be the only provider putting local, community services at the center of their planning. And I think that will make all the difference in making a real impact quickly.”

- Sharon L’Herrou, President and CEO, 2-1-1 Palm Beach