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Long-Term Services and Supports

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Help providers, caregivers, and people with functional limitations or chronic illnesses coordinate their long-term service and support activities.

  • Share information, tasks, and communication across health, behavioral, community, and social service organizations

  • Unify health teams around patient-centered, goal-oriented care plans

  • Collaborate across the continuum of care to address social determinants

  • Automate case manager assignment and load balancing - matching the patient with the right care coordinator for the job

  • Capture care coordination efforts for Medicaid reimbursement

Low-income adults who need and use long-term services and supports (LTSS) are among the most complex, expensive, and fast-growing populations covered by Medicaid. Nationally, expenditures for LTSS exceed $338 billion annually, 40% of which is financed by Medicaid.

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Just the facts about, our platform, and our approach to care redesign with clinical, payer, and community organizations across the country.





Care plan

Single, Real-Time






Care Process &
Team Performance

We’ve built to be:


Encrypted & HIPAA-Compliant

We know this is top of mind for you. It’s top of mind for us, too. is purpose-built for healthcare with industry-leading cloud security. We’ve attested to information, privacy and security standards with national payers and academic medical centers.


Elegant & User-Friendly

Designed for ease of use across the whole care team - enabling high-quality care rather than getting in the way of it. Using feels familiar and requires little to no training, because it’s built like many of the apps we all use in our everyday lives.


Convenient & Powerful

Security meets innovation. We’ve solved the problem of engaging those outside your organization who don’t want to join another platform. We’ve built features that let them participate in care coordination without needing to log in.