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Security & Privacy

Since 2013, we have secured the data of hundreds of organizations and provided the sophisticated privacy infrastructure needed for community information exchange.
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What Makes a Sophisticated Security & Privacy Infrastructure?

It starts with a nuanced understanding of data exchange, cloud-based technology, and privacy regulations. From there, we work with you on due diligence around your community's shared workflows, processes, and communication needs. Working with means working with a vetted, secure solution and partner who understands that you expect the highest level of attention to this critical area.
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Defining Industry Expectations for Security & Privacy

In our experience, nothing matters more than protecting the privacy of individuals in your care. That's why our technology is designed to give you total control.
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Roles & Teams
Organize your community network personnel into care teams around individual patients, and assign specific roles.
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Groups & Organizations
Digitally mirror your organizational chart, ensuring chain of command and proper reporting structures.
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Permission Management
Leverage roles, teams, groups, and organizations to assign permissions that match your organization's unique structure.
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Privacy Management
Secure messaging, plus granular controls on care plan permissions – so your teams can communicate with complete confidence.
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Identity & Access Management
Industry-leading authentication & authorization measures to help your care teams access on any web-enabled device.
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HIPAA Compliance
Our implementations team has deep experience navigating HIPAA and other privacy laws that impact community information exchange.
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The country's largest healthcare institutions and Fortune 500 companies have vetted and approved
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Security Culture
From the top down, the security & privacy of your data is our #1 priority.