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Activate Care

The era of SDOH is growing and evolving, and so are we! Meet our team of experts in public health, community engagement, and collaboration technology.

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Leadership Team


Ted Quinn Activate Care (

Ted Quinn, MBA

CEO & Co-Founder

Patrick Schmid Activate Care (

Patrick Schmid, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dave Fanara Activate Care (

David Fanara, MBA

Chief Revenue Officer

 Imre Fitos Activate Care (

Imre Fitos

Chief Security Officer

Jonathan Abbett Activate Care (

Jonathan Abbett, MA

VP, User Experience

Jessica Sattler Activate Care (

Jessica Sattler, RN MSN

VP, Implementations

Katie Hurley Activate Care (

Katelyn Young, MPH

VP, Product

Our Team

Aaron Bendersky Activate Care (

Aaron Bendersky

Technical Lead, Customer Success

Alejandro Gutierrez Activate Care (

Alejandro Gutierrez, MPH

Program Lead, Customer Success

 Alex Brown Activate Care (

Alex Brown

Infrastructure Team Lead


Besa Zeqo

Technical Project Manager

Brooke Sabia

Brooke Sabia

Junior Account Manager

Caterina Hill Activate Care (

Caterina Hill, MSc

Analytics Consultant

Cindy Coakley

Cindy Coakley

RFP Manager, Account Services

Dan Kamyck Activate Care (

Dan Kamyck

Sr. Director of Marketing

Deanna Headshot-1

Deanna Duncan

Market Director

Elise Tatosian Activate Care (

Elise Tatosian

Director of Account Services

Greg D'Andrea Activate Care (

Greg D'Andrea

Market Director

Jack Santacroce

Jack Santacroce

Junior Account Manager

Jacquelyn Bean Activate Care (

Jacquelyn Bean

Graphic Designer

John Gaskin Activate Care (

John Gaskin

Sr. Software Engineer

Joon Lee Activate Care (

Joon Lee

Technical Lead

Julia Friedland Activate Care (

Julia Friedland

Inbound Marketing Associate

Matt Goudreau Activate Care (

Matt Goudreau

Sr. Director, Implementations

Megan Boss Activate Care (

Megan Boss, MBA

Director of Inbound Marketing

Meghan LaMacchia Activate Care (

Meghan LaMacchia

Sr. Program Manager

Nicole LaCasse Activate Care (

Nicole LaCasse, MBA

Sr. Market Director

Nina Headshot-1

Nina Stelfox

Sr. Implementation Project Manager

Rakesh Pankhania Activate Care (

Rakesh Pankhania

Technical Lead

Rich Porcelli Activate Care (

Rich Porcelli, LMHC

Director of Community Engagement

Scott Pelrine Activate Care (

Scott Pelrine

Market Director

Sean Bullock Activate Care (

Sean Bullock

Manager, Analytics & Reporting

Board of Directors


Zak Kohane Activate Care (

Isaac Kohane, MD PhD

Co-Founder & Board Member

 Ken Mandl Activate Care (

Kenneth Mandl, MD MPH

Co-Founder & Board Member

Matt Christensen Activate Care (

Matt Christensen, MBA

Board Member

Our Advisors

Kathe Fox Activate Care (

Kathe Fox, PhD


Greg Bloom Activate Care Advisor

Greg Bloom


Linda Elam Activate Care (

Linda Elam, PhD MPH


Mark Frisse Activate Care (

Mark Frisse, MD MS MBA


Jason Robart Activate Care (

Jason Robart


Troy Brennan Activate Care (

Troy Brennan, MD JD MPH


Duncan McCallum Activate Care (

Duncan McCallum, MBA


Marc Dupre Activate Care (

Marc Dupre, JD


John Halamka Activate Care (

John Halamka, MD MS


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Our Mission
Our Mission

We are on a mission to help the world act differently to achieve better health outcomes.