A New Approach to Community Care

Elevate your health and social care approach with Activate Care, a provider of data-driven insights and SDOH services nationwide. Our expertise serving community programs and healthcare plans empowers our partners to make informed strategic decisions.

Our comprehensive suite includes health related social needs screenings, workforce training and development, robust data analytics, community care assessments, and partnerships with community-based organizations. We also offer an advanced community care platform to coordinate care across organizations, seamlessly enhancing collaboration and efficiency. 

Activate Care's commitment to data-driven insights ensures a nuanced understanding of social determinants of health, fostering targeted strategies for improved equity. Whether entering new markets or addressing social care challenges, we stand ready to support and enhance your efforts.

How We Make a Difference

We develop partnerships with organizations through a collaborative and rigorous methodology to address their unique challenges. Our approach involves leveraging technology, structured interventions, community knowledge and relationships, and a robust health worker workforce. This enables us to guide our partners in understanding community environments for strategic business decisions and adapting to evolving care models. The result is a world-class client experience that fosters engagement and brings about impactful outcomes, making a meaningful difference.

Key Services

Community Care Record

Trusted, Skilled, Local Community Health Workforce

Highly Structured Social Care Model & Intervention

Community Assessments

Population Stratification & Technology

Data Collection, Reporting, and Analytics

A Complete Solution for Social Needs

Through our Path Assist and CareLink offerings, Activate Care offers a suite of data, services, and technical solutions that employ a population health and health equity-informed approach to improving health outcomes for individuals and families. Our offerings are on a continuum - from short-term traditional consulting and technical assistance projects to ongoing fully outsourced solutions, which include staffing, care pathways, technology, and ongoing governance.

Path Assist

Path Assist enhances health plans' existing social drivers of health strategies, driving cost savings in populations with unmet health-related social needs. We empower partners to understand community environments for strategic business decisions through a highly collaborative approach. Our structured, evidence-based program utilizes local community-based organizations and Community Health Workers to support emerging care models for clients. Our transformative intervention model of care addresses health equity challenges, aligning with plans to manage underserved and rising-risk populations.


Community Care Assessment

Community Care Assessments, tailored to each customer's unique needs, extend beyond traditional assessment projects. We specialize in assisting plans as they navigate new markets, learning the intricacies of the environment and stakeholders for a comprehensive understanding. 

Public health practitioners guide our approach and involve community representation at each stage of our research process. Through qualitative and quantitative research, our team gains market expertise, resulting in solid recommendations for community improvements. We uplift the voices of community members with lived experience of health and social barriers and those dedicated to serving them in community-based service organizations.



CareLink is a community health platform used to manage quality care coordination programs. Community partners can easily track performance with a single view into services, programs, and patients and clients in the community. Community Care Records are created to document, track, report, and, with client permission, share outcomes. Closed-loop referral management allows organizations to coordinate and track bidirectional referrals across the community – from any system or source - to improve communication, share decision-making, and build mutual trust in community health programs.


Activate Care powers so much of that collaboration to help improve patients’ lives through a shared care plan. Referral management helps us reliably delegate and track responsibility leading to far better outcomes for our community members.

Activate Care is a game changer, a tool that enables connectivity between multiple partners, all with a high volume of programs, and it gives the full picture of the individual to truly deliver whole person care. It reduces the burden on the entire system of care.

We see fewer complex needs patients in the ED, we discharge people faster, connect them to the community better, and see fewer cases present in the first place... Social services in general have been siloed. Activate Care has helped to flatten these silos and is opening up these worlds to each other.

“The [Path Assist] program has gotten me the resources that I need from transportation to mental health to food essentials, and helped me get in contact with people who I can't get in contact with. My CHW went above and beyond to help me as much as she could. She has been very helpful and very resourceful.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Activate Care's approach to community care unique?

We are a leader in proactive social risk management solutions. We combine expertise in designing innovative care models with our cloud-based CareLink platform. Using a rigorous and highly collaborative approach, we help partners understand community environments for strategic business decisions. By integrating technology, structured interventions, trusted community relationships, and a robust community health worker workforce, our team delivers a world-class member experience, fostering engagement and achieving different outcomes.

What services does Activate Care provide through its Path Assist and CareLink offerings?

We provide a comprehensive set of services through our Path Assist and CareLink offerings, including pioneering technology, a trusted Community Health Worker workforce, a highly structured social care model and intervention, community assessments, population stratification and technology, and data collection, reporting, and analytics. These services employ a health equity-informed approach to improve health outcomes for individuals and families, offering a continuum from short-term consulting to fully outsourced solutions.

How does Activate Care's Community Care Assessment contribute to advancing health equity?

Our Community Care Assessment involves systematically collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data to understand health-related resources, obstacles, and needs within a community. The assessment engages members from diverse communities, gaining valuable insights into their physical and social health-related experiences. This inclusive approach contributes to advancing health equity by developing innovative ideas and solutions for creating better and healthier communities.

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