Data & Analytics

Connecting information systems and sharing health and social data across the care continuum requires your community to go beyond what is comfortable and familiar. Activate Care helps you get it done.

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Activate CareHub™ Reporting & Analytics Capabilities


Reporting & Analytics (1)

Centralizing your community's health and social data on one common platform is the key to transforming this data into actionable insights for all stakeholders.

Activate Care connects any community data sources you need for your program directly to your CareHub™ and delivers real-time analytics about the effectiveness of your program and your team's impact on community health outcomes.


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Connect critical information such as Admission, Discharge and Transfer alerts, HIE data, and any information from social services systems and other databases.

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Leverage modern standards for data exchange such as SMART on FHIR, OpenReferral API Protocol for Human Services Data Exchange, and EHR integrations.

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Contextualize community data from any source - homeless systems, judicial systems, and more - in a longitudinal, person-centered care plan to help individuals meet their goals.


Integrated Solution for Cross-Sector Data Exchange



When a community’s healthcare, social service, and governmental stakeholders come together to share data, processes, and technology, this is cross-sector data exchange in action. Activate Care offers the industry's only all-in-one platform designed to bring this approach to life.

Also called community information exchange, this collaborative approach to health and social care dramatically improves your ability to address intersectional health and social needs, especially for vulnerable populations.