Activate CareHub™

Activate Care’s cloud-based CareHub™ connects patients, families, care teams, and community services together on the journey to health and well-being. See why communities across the country chose Activate CareHub™ to connect health and social care.

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The Solution for Social
Determinants of Health

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Data & Analytics


Community Coordination

One platform to unify health and social care providers around each client’s longitudinal care plan, where you can track every point of contact, take notes, and share them with everybody – wherever they are.

Activate Community Coordination is designed to ensure that every client in your program receives high-quality, integrated, comprehensive care across your local ecosystem.


Resource Directory & Referral Management

Intuitive tools to manage the end-to-end referral process, between any organization and in any direction across your community's health and social care ecosystem.

Activate Referral Management helps you close the loop for every individual, and is the only platform designed to help you disrupt the cycles of social vulnerability occurring in your community.



Data & Analytics

Secure and compliant connections between technology systems that can move any data – medical, behavioral, social services, public health, and payer – to the right people across your community care ecosystem.

Activate Data & Analytics allows you to connect any organization to your CareHub, exchange health and social information, and work  together to demonstrate your outcomes.


All-in-One Platform for SDOH Care

Activate Care™ coordinates the network of healthcare and social services providers across your entire community, helping you connect individuals in need to the services that can help them right now.




Bring together coordination, intelligence, and critical data so your organization can deliver better outcomes.

Let's get started with a live demo of our solution. You'll see why leading organizations selected the Activate CareHub™ as their platform, and get your questions answered by one of our specialists.

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