The Activate CareHub™ Platform

Introducing the Community Care Record, only from Activate Care. Where care for the whole person happens.

The Activate CareHub™ Platform

One platform for your team, partners, and those you serve

Activate Care is a complete community health platform with all the tools you need to improve outcomes — whether you want to increase equity, streamline interventions, accelerate progress, or tell a powerful impact story.

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Increase in program capacity


Increase in member engagement


Decrease in avoidable ED visits


Increase in community partnerships

All your community health tools and data – all under one roof.

See every step in everyone’s journey to better health and well-being.

  • Coordinate care and service delivery

    Real-time longitudinal Community Care Records for a single, complete picture

  • Track every referral, regardless of origin

    Closed-loop referrals embedded with the full context of shared care plans

  • Report on your success and track trends

    Interventions aligned with program goals, with key metrics in dashboards


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Explore a new way to open up communication, share decision-making, and build mutual trust in community health programs.

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Features & Benefits

Care Coordination
Care Coordination

Activate Care integrates data from systems across the community, develops a single longitudinal Community Care Record, and helps person-centered care teams manage tasks, goals, gaps, and changes in status.

  • Tasks & Goals

    Effectively plan and manage the delivery of team-based care in the community

  • Outreach

    Easily track interactions and encounters at every stage of your participants’ journeys

  • Alerts

    See at-a-glance what’s happening in your participants’ lives, across the continuum of care

Referral Management
Referral Management

 It’s time to transform the way you work with partners in the community by moving referrals out of silos and into one open ecosystem. Activate Care’s Community Care Record connects all the dots.

  • Closed-Loop

    Easily track status of referrals and message with partners.

  • Suggestions

    Narrow search results down to the most appropriate service partner.

  • Integrations

    Activate Care integrates with EHRs and referral management platforms.

Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Bring clarity to your program management with Activate Care’s open approach to data analytics. Get a high-level overview, then drill in for more details to address individual risks.

  • Standard Reports

    Leverage 130+ pre-built and analyst-vetted reports from our library.

  • Reporting Database

    Pull and schedule data extracts, and access your PostgreSQL reporting database.

  • Looker by Google

    Activate Care embeds industry-leading business intelligence tools from LookerⓇ by Google.

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“The technology was a great solution for the needs of our patients. We used the Activate CareHub to accomplish all of our challenges in one platform that was easy to use for patients and care teams.”

- Laurie Douglass, MD, Division Co-Chief, Pediatric Neurology, Boston Medical Center