Improving Community Wellbeing with Proactive Social Care

Change the paradigm of social care to help everyone achieve health equity through informed community care.

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Effective Interventions, Powered by Engaged Communities

Activate Care's whole population approach to advancing health equity, improving health and social outcomes. We partner with managed care organizations, government agencies, and healthcare systems to address SDOH proactively to provide the appropriate interventions before avoidable, costly care is needed. 

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Increase in program capacity


Increase in member engagement


Decrease in avoidable ED visits


Increase in community partnerships

It's time to re-imagine care coordination for the SDOH era.

Go beyond old referral models and find improved outcomes with Activate Care's 360 wraparound approach. 

  • Industry-best Screening Tools

    Identify SDOH needs across your entire community

  • Expert 1:1 Navigation

    Guide members to - and through - the right interventions, every time

  • CareHub Platform

    Connect local health and social systems in a data sharing ecosystem

  • Robust Data & Analytics

    Monitor progress across your programs and populations

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Efficient, effective SDOH solutions for every community.

Imagine if the health and social care systems in your community seamlessly coordinated care around each of our physical and social needs. With Activate Care's social risk management solutions, this is the new standard of care. 


Pioneering Technology

Our CareHub platform brings all the tools and data your team needs to screen and manage care for your population, all under in one secure and intuitive platform. 


Leading Expertise

Our proven processes and care models can guide your team and program to resolve even the most complicated challenges of providing SDOH care. 


Skilled Manpower

Activate Care's team of community health workers, public health workers, and clinicians provide local manpower trained to assess and navigate SDOH.

Bring your community's efforts together. In one place.

Our social risk management solutions empower healthcare and social services leaders to wrap their populations in complete community-based care, closing gaps caused by the social determinants of health. 

Let's get started.

Our team is here to help bring social risk management to life in your community.

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“Activate Care is a game changer, a tool that enables connectivity between multiple partners, all with a high volume of programs, and it gives the full picture of the individual to truly deliver whole person care. It reduces the burden on the entire system of care.”

- Linda Little, CEO, Neighborhood Service Organization