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The Activate Care Story


We are on a mission to help the world act differently to achieve better health outcomes.

Established in 2012, Activate Care is a nationally-recognized provider of community care coordination and referral management technology.

Hundreds of healthcare and social services organizations use our Activate CareHub™ platform to improve community health outcomes and seamlessly coordinate all of a person's health, behavioral, and social care needs.

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We developed the industry's first, and only, Community Care Record.

We started Activate Care because of our personal experiences managing care for loved ones facing significant health challenges.

Along the way, community leaders asked to participate in care coordination - but on their terms. We believe it takes a community to improve outcomes, so we built the solution that works.

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CareHub Platform

All your community health tools and data – all under one roof. Activate Care’s cloud-based CareHub™ platform connects patients, families, care teams, and community services together on the journey to health and well-being.


Community Care Record

Introducing the Community Care Record, only from Activate Care. Real-time longitudinal health and social datasets, embedded within intervention workflows, for a single, complete picture. This is where care for the whole person happens.


Professional Services

Explore a new way to open up communication, share decision-making, and build mutual trust in community health programs. From implementation to systems integration, and every decision in between, our team of experts is here to help.

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“For too long, the status quo in our healthcare system has been to screen people for mental health or social service needs, then simply refer them out to other providers in the community. Numerous peer-reviewed studies now show this fails up to 80% of people in need. It’s time to prepare for these predictable challenges to actually make a positive impact for our vulnerable populations.”

- Ted Quinn, MBA, CEO & Co-founder, Activate Care