About Activate Care

Learn how Activate Care engages your community to improve health equity.

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We are on a mission to help the world act differently to achieve better health outcomes.

Established in 2012, Activate Care is a nationally-recognized provider of community care coordination and referral management technology.

Hundreds of healthcare and social services organizations use our Activate CareHub™ to improve community health outcomes and seamlessly coordinate all of a person's health, behavioral, and social care needs.

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The Activate CareHub

When you activate care in your community, you create a future where social needs are rare overall, and brief when they occur. The Activate CareHub™ platform is thoughtfully designed to help your community act differently to achieve better outcomes.


One platform to unify health and social care providers around each person’s longitudinal plan of care


Seamless transitions of care across the community, with easy-to-use community resource directories


Powerful analytics and secure interoperability with your existing health records, databases, and other business systems