Healthcare Providers

The Activate CareHub™ platform coordinates your network of healthcare and social services providers across the continuum of care, and connects patients to the health and social services they need right now.

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Connecting healthcare and social services networks

The Activate CareHub™ care coordination platform seamlessly facilitates real-time coordination and cross-sector collaboration for patients with complex health, behavioral health, and social needs and integrates your providers with local networks of community-based organizations and community resource directories.

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Coordinate care around the whole person

Activate CareHub platform aligns community-based teams around person-centered care plans.

  • Client goals at the center of longitudinal care plans
  • Community information and health data all in one place
  • Conclusive proof of health system ROI and population health outcomes




Connect with community-based organizations

Activate Care removes silos between organizations so you can integrate social services with healthcare.

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Trust the industry's leading SDOH care platform

SDOH leaders like the California Whole Person Care Program selected Activate Care because they trust our platform and team.

  • Sophisticated security measures & HIPAA compliance
  • Configurable privacy and access controls
  • Approved by Medicaid, Medicare and Fortune 500 companies