It takes a community. ™

With Activate Care's integrated analytics & automation, you will save your team time while improving health and social outcomes in your community.


COVID-19 Response Platform

All of us at Activate Care are committed to doing everything we can to help combat the effects of this virus and save lives. Our COVID-19 Response Platform is designed to help you keep people safe and healthy.


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The Activate CareHub

When you activate care in your community, you create a future where social needs are rare overall, and brief when they occur. The Activate CareHub™ platform is thoughtfully designed to help your community act differently to achieve better outcomes.


One platform to unify health and social care providers around each person’s longitudinal plan of care


Seamless transitions of care across the community, with easy-to-use community resource directories


Powerful analytics and secure interoperability with your existing health records, databases, and other business systems

It Takes a Community

To address social determinants in your community, you need to engage all the stakeholders that hold a key to better outcomes.

Activate Care helps communities across the country unify health and social care to improve health outcomes. This is where care for the whole person happens.

What will your community achieve when you activate care?

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Engaging communities is the only way forward.


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