It takes a community.

With Activate Care's integrated analytics & automation, you will save your team time while improving health and social outcomes in your community.

It takes a community.

Introducing the Community Care Record

Activate Care is a complete community health platform with all the tools you need to improve outcomes — whether you want to increase equity, streamline interventions, accelerate progress, or tell a powerful impact story. Talk to our team today.

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Increase in program capacity


Increase in member engagement


Decrease in avoidable ED visits


Increase in community partnerships

Bring your community's efforts together. In one place.

When you activate care in your community, you create a future where social needs are rare overall, and brief when they occur. The Activate CareHub™ platform is thoughtfully designed to help your community act differently to achieve better outcomes.

Activate CareHub - Where care for the whole person happens

Open up communication, share decision-making, and build mutual trust.

  • Community Care Record

    Empower teams to collaborate in new, more efficient ways

  • Referral Management

    Close the loop on referrals, wherever they originate

  • Information Exchange

    Connect your local services in a unified data-sharing ecosystem

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Monitor progress across your programs and populations


Efficiency. Effectiveness. Measurable outcomes.

Imagine if the health and social care systems in your community seamlessly coordinated care around all of our physical, behavioral, and social needs. This is the approach that our customers are taking to succeed in making social needs brief, rare, and non-recurring. With Activate Care, this is the new standard of care.


CareHub Platform

All your community health tools and data – all under one roof. Activate Care’s cloud-based CareHub™ platform connects patients, families, care teams, and community services together on the journey to health and well-being.


Community Care Record

Introducing the Community Care Record, only from Activate Care. Real-time longitudinal health and social datasets, embedded within intervention workflows, for a single, complete picture. This is where care for the whole person happens.


Professional Services

Explore a new way to open up communication, share decision-making, and build mutual trust in community health programs. From implementation to systems integration, and every decision in between, our team of experts is here to help.

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Our team is here to help you bring whole person care to life in your community.

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“Activate Care is a game changer, a tool that enables connectivity between multiple partners, all with a high volume of programs, and it gives the full picture of the individual to truly deliver whole person care. It reduces the burden on the entire system of care.”

- Linda Little, CEO, Neighborhood Service Organization