Community-Based Service Network

Having a defined community-based service network is a common need amongst plans. Our Community Care Hub program reaches populations with unmet, non-medical needs. Through this program, Path Assist professionals lead a process to vet and select community-based organizations to convene a Social Drivers of Health service network. 

Community Health Workers are trained on integrated care processes and quality measures to effectively build connected community care. This role-based training also includes specifics around role requirements and technology use.

Quality Oversight

Community Care Hub management provides network governance and quality oversight to ensure defined outcomes are accomplished.

Care Process Implementation

A structured SDOH care process including prioritization, outreach, screening, and tiered intervention is developed and implemented to meet your organization’s specific goals. In addition, a web-based SDOH care platform for CHW documentation is implemented.

When appropriate, the Community Care Hub program includes defining a rate sheet for reimbursable services and outcomes with the required invoicing and reimbursement.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of the Care Hub platform?

The Care Hub Platform is a data-driven care coordination software designed to connect communities and facilitate collaboration among care providers. Its primary goal is to transform member care by addressing health and social care aspects. The platform aims to increase equity, streamline interventions, and improve outcomes by enhancing real-time communication, workflows, and access to member information.

How does the Care Hub platform contribute to increasing equity in member care?

The Care Hub platform enhances member equity by improving communication among care providers, streamlining workflows, and ensuring real-time access to member information. Connecting health and social care results in increased access to healthcare services, higher member satisfaction across diverse populations, and a more equitable distribution of resources and information. Organizations can monitor these factors to gauge the effectiveness of initiatives promoting member health equity.

How is the Care Hub platform customized to meet the unique needs of each organization?

We recognize that every organization has unique needs for care coordination. Care Hub stands out by offering custom-built solutions explicitly tailored to the requirements of each organization. Unlike generic, out-of-the-box solutions, this approach ensures that the platform aligns with the organization's goals, making work more streamlined. This customization is a key feature, allowing organizations to optimize the platform according to their distinct care coordination needs.

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