Client Experience

Delivering clients exceptional experiences is fundamental to our Care Model. Clients who feel known, heard, accepted, and supported as they navigate tough situations can access inner reserves that help them persevere toward their goals. Our clients feel cared for when we respect their preferences and meet them where they want us to be.

Meaningful Client Engagement

Our Know Me, Hear Me, Connect Me, Coach Me approach delivers clients an exceptional experience in each phase of their journey to build durable relationships over time. These relationships enable awareness of clients’ new and changing needs, where we may be able to provide proactive intervention and support.

The Reality Clients Face

It can be difficult to navigate the fragmented world of organizations and agencies that offer resources to people in need. These are the challenges individuals face: 

  • Uncertainty about when or if they’ll be able to find the help they need.
  • Convoluted processes that are neither linear nor intuitive.
  • Complex applications, written in confusing language, that can require extensive personal information. 
  • Limited Resources. Knowing that even if you do everything “right,” resources may not be available. 

Path Assist works with clients to relieve this burden as they work to secure the resources they need and move toward health.


Meet Laura

Laura is a single mom who works two jobs and wants to find more stable employment to better care for her family. She is a Medicaid participant and has tried many times to find assistance for things such as food and housing with little luck. She’s frustrated and often feels overwhelmed. Her experience has taught her that the system of finding resources is cumbersome and often leads to a dead ends. She finds there is little support and she has a hard time trusting the system. 

"Being a mom on my own can be tough. You work hard, and do your best, but it feels like people don’t really see that."

Without Path Assist, this is Laura’s reality.


“Not knowing when or if I’m going to be able to get some help is a worry that’s always in the back of my mind.”

Fear, Powerless

“They ask for a bunch of personal information, and it's hard to know if you're giving the “right” answers.”


“The applications you have to fill out to get help with food or housing are just need a dictionary just to understand what they are asking for.”

Limited Resources

“Even if you get everything right, best case scenario is you get put on a wait list that can be months long.”

Convoluted Process

“Knowing all the rules to know if you even qualify to get assistance can be confusing because they are not at all obvious. Also, you have to be really careful not to make a mistake on your application because it can slow everything down if you do.”

Feeling Lost

“Being a mom on my own can be tough. You work hard, and do your best, but it feels like people don't really see that. People give you looks. It makes me feel embarrassed, like people think I'm not a good mom.”

Our Approach

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Know Me

Jennifer called me at the time most convenient for me. When does that happen? I’m working two jobs and need to help my kids with dinner and homework, so time is short.

She was warm and asked about me, my needs and worries, and what I cared about. I talked about my kids, fear of losing my job, and feeding my family healthy food.


Hear Me

Jennifer connected me to a food pantry. She also gave me information on training programs. During the week I called three programs. Jennifer checked in with me via text throughout the week to see how it was going. 

One message I received from her was  “You’re working hard to find a good job opportunity.” That was a nice boost in the middle of a hectic, exhausting day.


Connect Me

The food pantry gave me healthy food options for us this week! It was such a relief!  

One training program looked good. But thinking about how to make it work was overwhelming. Jennifer asked me about the training program and we talked through some great options.


Coach Me

She looked over my online application for the program before I submitted it. Then she did some role playing with me to prepare. Really helpful. 

I got into the program!! And I have a plan for doing it. Now I have hope that I can find a better job with consistent pay so that I can provide for my children.

Know Me

Hear Me

Connect Me

Coach Me

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