Comprehensive, HIPAA Compliant Reports

Bring clarity to your program management with Activate Care's open approach to data analytics. Our platform includes more reporting options to help you deliver more of your mission through solid and fresh insights.

  • Increase program revenue
  • Align your processes with program goals–then track key metrics in dashboards
  • Improve efficiency and care
  • Identify cohorts for care and set your service providers up for success
  • Empower community partners
  • Track partner activity with actionable insights on program impact

Empowerment Through Data

You can't measure what you can't see. Our platform provides critical data analytics to identify trends, gaps, and opportunities for proactive interventions that lead to better member outcomes. 

Standard Reports

Based on industry and intervention best practices, our standard reports library includes 150 standard reports that our team of data experts help you set up during implementation. Straight from the platform, you can pull or schedule data extracts for your assessments, custom fields, outreaches, plans, or tasks.


Custom Reports

In addition to our robust Standard Reports library, our team of data experts can configure custom reports that deliver insights unique to your program needs. In addition to standard and custom reports, Activate Care provides you (or your analysts) with direct access to your PostgreSQL reporting database, updated nightly through the Activate Care ETL process.

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