SDOH Screening

Social Drivers of Health Screening

Plans are often required to expand the scope of services provided by the Community Health Workers. Changes in state requirements and the desire to better define the financial and operational impact of CHWs are driving this redefinition.

We equip CHWs with the skills to conduct targeted assessments and screening with methodologies that promote trust and leverage the intrinsic understanding of community needs. 

Lived Experience

Hiring professionals from the community who reflect the backgrounds, races, and experiences of the
members is central to Path Assist - this translates into better engagement, trust, and outcomes.

Targeted Engagement

The Community Health Worker team improves the health of the targeted members by addressing social drivers of health and improving access to care through resource navigation and coaching. By engaging members in setting achievable goals, they are more engaged in their care needs. 

It's not uncommon that additional professionals in new roles augment existing case management and telephone-based CHWs. This staff will proactively assess and screen the target populations for social needs and enroll members in an intervention designed to close care gaps and improve key quality metrics identified by a plan.

Expectant Mother
Community Health Worker

A Multi-Channel Approach

Locally based CHWs benefit from using a multi-channel approach to engagement using methods proven most effective with populations of interest. Outreach methods include telephone, email, SMS text, social media, website, and community-based outreach. The Path Assist model is founded on evidence supporting tiered interventions' effectiveness, including coaching, social support, advocacy, navigation, and goal setting to improve health confidence, member activation, and reduce unnecessary acute care utilization.


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