Referral Management

Activate Care’s resource directory and referral management tools help you disrupt the cycles of social vulnerability occurring in your community, for better health outcomes that last.

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Since 2012, we have worked with communities across the country to activate, launch, and scale effective social interventions. Our biggest takeaway? It takes a community.

The Activate CareHub™ platform provides the tools you need to unify strong, trusted networks of local community resources, configured in an easy-to-use directory, and built around a seamless referral experience for the people you serve.


All-in-One Directory and Referral Software

Everything you need to implement a searchable community resource directory, send and manage referrals across community resources, and track referral outcomes.

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Administer uniform screenings to assess social needs, and capture that data in a secure, shared database. Configure your assessments with algorithms to trigger action around client needs.

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One place for everyone across the community to share knowledge, action items, and status updates. 

See who is on the care team, what their role is, and get in touch with them – across all organizations that share in your work.

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Track every point of contact, take notes, and share them with everybody – wherever they are.

Elicit person-centered goals and make them the cornerstone of shared care plans.



Engaging communities is the only way forward.


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