Closed-Loop Referral Management

Coordinate and track bidirectional referrals across the community – from any system or source.

Closed-Loop Referral Management

Connected health and social care networks

Transform the way you work alongside your partners in the community by moving referrals out of silos and into one open ecosystem. Activate Care’s Community Care Record connects all the dots. Talk to our referrals team today.

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Increase in program capacity


Increase in member engagement


Decrease in avoidable ED visits


Increase in community partnerships

Connect securely with community partners

Bring communication out of referrals and into shared care plans

  • Speed up collaboration

    Streamline processes and connect referrals into workflows across organizations

  • More power, more control

    The most advanced permissions, consent management, and privacy controls

  • Track outcomes together

    Achieve community-wide alignment on Activate Care’s powerful, intuitive platform


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Closed-Loop Referrals

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"Activate Care powers so much of that collaboration to help improve patients’ lives through a shared care plan. Referral management helps us reliably delegate and track responsibility leading to far better outcomes for our community members."

- Mike Rohwer, MD, Founder, Curandi