Care Record & Referral Management

Activate Care integrates data from systems across the community, develops a longitudinal Community Care Record, and helps person-centered care teams manage tasks, goals, gaps, and status changes.

The platform has configurable social needs assessments, a resource directory, and the ability to initiate and manage connections and referrals - all designed to facilitate true client-centered collaboration. Care team members can contribute to the members plan of care, at any time and from any device. Any changes within the plan are updated and visible to the entire care team in real-time.

Key Features

360° Care Insights

Access members' health and social needs in one place from multiple sources. Health and social systems can easily share data, leading to a comprehensive approach to member care.


Your platform will include a resource directory and the ability to make in-app referrals, making it quicker and easier to track statuses, message with partners, and ultimately get your members the care they need.


Your workflows can be automated to ensure essential reminders and tasks don't fall through the cracks. Using automation allows you to focus on what's most important: caring for your members.

Non-Medical Billing

Non-Medical billing is available to organizations needing an easy way of incorporating this into their workflow.

Tasks & Goals

Effectively plan and manage team-based care delivery in the community through shared tasks and goals.

Closed-Loop Referral Management

Coordinate and track bidirectional referrals across the community – from any system or source - to improve communication, share decision-making, and build mutual trust in community health programs.

Connect the Dots

Eliminate duplicate data entry and track performance with a single view into services, programs, patients, and partners in the community. 

   • See every step in the journey to better health and well-being
   • Simplify enrollment and engagement
   • Visualize outcomes and identify trends

In CareHub our customers own all of their data stored in the platform and it can be easily exported. Data and analytics report capabilities, powered by Looker, allow you to bring clarity to your program management. You can get both a high level overview and drill in for more details to address individual clients risks and outcomes. 


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