Path Assist

Path Assist is a community care model aimed at improving the health of targeted Medicaid and at-risk populations. By reducing health inequities and improving quality of and access to care in defined geographies, Path Assist provides evidence-based and person-centered support to address unmet health related social needs.

Suited to Your Needs

Our Path Assist community care model offers multiple components that can be implemented to meet your specific needs.
Whether you need one element, a variety of options, or the complete package, the choice is yours. 

Path Assist Options

We partner with organizations to deliver our Path Assist program to support the evolving requirements healthcare organizations face and provide meaningful value in the following ways: 

   • Assessing the capabilities of community partners to support care
   • Training a workforce to deliver a world-class member experience
   • Screening for insights into member SDOH care needs
   • Employing a CHW team to augment your current workforce
   • Scaling weekly member engagement    
   • Engaging community partners to improve member outcomes

Changing an organization's care model can start with incremental investments in targeted areas. We offer options for our customers to consider in their change management process. 


Training & Structured Interventions

The Path Assist program is unique in the marketplace with its proprietary training models and a structured intervention for community care. The core outcomes of the Path Assist program are categorized into five measurements: 

   • Increase member health confidence
   • Improve member satisfaction
   • Improve access to health & social services
   • Support appropriate access to health services
   • Improved STAR, HEDIS & other quality metrics

Ultimately Path Assist delivers a world class member experience, improves outcomes and empowers members through resource navigation, coaching and skill building.

Improve Outcomes

Engaged patients are more likely to seek preventative care, adhere to their treatment plans and service recommendations, and make informed decisions about their health. This proactive approach can lead to the detection and treatment of conditions in their earlier, more manageable stages, potentially saving lives, and reducing healthcare costs.

Social drivers of health are addressed to impact reductions in social risk and crisis-related service utilization. And, 59% of Activate Care users say the platform noticeably increases team accountability and significantly reduces email and other forms of external communication. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes Path Assist's community care model from others?

Path Assist stands out in the market with its unique community care model to improve the health of targeted Medicaid and at-risk populations. Unlike traditional models, Path Assist focuses on reducing health inequities and enhancing the quality and access to care in specific geographies. Our program offers multiple components: community care assessments, workforce training and competency building, service coordination, population stratification and technology, and a Community Care HUB. The proprietary training models and structured interventions further set Path Assist apart in delivering effective and person-centered support.

How does Path Assist contribute to empowering its members?

Path Assist empowers members through resource navigation, coaching, and skill building. The program is designed to deliver a world-class member experience by addressing unmet health-related social needs and providing evidence-based, person-centered support. Path Assist aims to empower members to navigate their health journey effectively and achieve improved health outcomes by focusing on workforce training, competency building, and strategic interventions.

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