Who We Serve

From health care systems to managed care organizations to government entities and more, Activate Care serves organizations requiring a robust whole-person care system. Our customers use our CareHub platform to collaborate across their community to improve care for their members. 

360° Care Insights

Access members' health and social needs in one place from multiple sources.
Health and social systems can easily share data, leading to a comprehensive approach to member care.

Health Systems and Providers

Our integrated platform brings your care team together with the tools and data designed for high-quality, person-centered care coordination programs. Use one integrated tool to identify needs, close gaps, promote balance on your team, and achieve patient-centered goals.

   • Closed-loop referral management
   • Team-based care coordination
   • Screen for social needs
   • Easily refer patients to trusted community organizations
   • Meet social needs screening and quality reporting requirements

Health Plans

Health plans must ensure members' needs are met according to standard measurements. Our platform provides a centralized resource to track member's progress from beginning to end. Our Community Care Record enables health plans to effectively close gaps and increase member engagement with a single longitudinal view into patients' care. 

   • Identify health-related social needs (HRSN)
   • Coordinate health and social services
   • Refer members to trusted community-based resources
   • Simplify administration and reporting

Social Services and Non-Profit

Many people get their care outside of a health organization and look to social services and non-profit organizations to support them during times of need. Schools, churches, community groups, associations, and libraries are trusted resources in communities, particularly those with underserved populations. Centralizing community connections and resources to ensure effective referrals is critical to transforming communities. 

   • Connect clients with local resources to help them get the care they need
   • Streamline the referral process to drive results
   • Show the impact of your work through data and reporting
   • Simplify administration to focus on your clients' needs


Government entities address multiple needs for multiple individuals at the same time. There is an immeasurable amount of information to track. Our Community Care Record helps state and local agencies by integrating health and social systems to create a community information exchange. Connect case management platforms with medical providers, community organizations and more to coordinate care and make real-time decisions. This saves government stakeholders time and helps improve outcomes for their communities. 

The Community Care Record also records demographic information that impacts eligibility for government programs. Gaps in care between health and social needs are closed, and participants experience connected, simplified processes.

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