About Us

Activate Care is a mission- and data-driven leader in proactive social risk management solutions. Our expertise and experience designing and implementing innovative care models, coupled with our cloud-based CareLink platform, helps communities across America address social drivers of health (SDOH) and create better whole-person care. 

Our Mission

We provide personalized, community-based services and tools to coordinate and address health and social needs, focusing on those most in need.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every individual is connected to equitable holistic health and social supports, contributing to the creation of thriving communities.

Our History

In 2012, our founders viewed the challenge of fragmented care from a different lens as they had experienced personal issues with navigating the healthcare system to manage their health and that of their families. Together, they created Activate Care’s technology that enables dynamic teams to communicate, coordinate, and drive cross-sector collaboration securely.

Fast forward to 2022, when our CEO, Ted Quinn, recognized that the evolving landscape demanded more innovative solutions than ever before. This realization ignited the creation of Path Assist, a pioneering venture designed to address the mounting complexities facing our most vulnerable populations.


For too long, the status quo in our healthcare system has been to screen people for mental health or social service needs, then simply refer them out to other providers in the community. Numerous peer-reviewed studies now show this fails up to 80% of people in need. It’s time to prepare for these predictable challenges to actually make a positive impact for our vulnerable populations.

Creating a Proactive Approach

Today, over a decade of extensive experience has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape and the needs of our most vulnerable populations to create a preventive, proactive approach to social care that identifies and supports individuals and families. Our turnkey solution combines our platform with a proactive social care intervention driven by community health workers.


Senior Leadership Team

At Activate Care, we are a diverse team united by common goals: to address social drivers of health, to improve health outcomes, and to increase health equity. Our team consists of public health and clinical professionals, nurses, community health workers, engineers, data scientists, and community relationship managers who are dedicated to improving the lives of those we serve. We are led by a dynamic leadership team who each have extensive healthcare experience and bring years of success cultivating innovative and effective solutions.

Ted Quinn

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Linda Dunbar

Chief Strategy Officer

Matt Goudreau


Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Sattler


Chief Solutions Officer

Josh Winslow

Chief Technology Officer

Dhana Kotwal

Head of Data Product & Strategy

Friso van Reesema 


VP, Health Plan and Community Partnerships

Georgia Brown

Vice President of Product & Design

Imre Fitos

Chief Security Officer

John Smith

Head of Engineering

Tracy Morgan


Head of People Operations

Board of Directors

Matt Christensen, MBA
Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD
John Loughnane, MD
Kenneth Mandl, MD, MPH
Chris Palmieri
Andrew Schutzbank, MD, MPH

Our Advisors

Troy Brennan, MD, JD, MPH
Marc Dupre, JD
Linda Elam, PhD, MPH
Kathe Fox, PhD
Duncan McCallum, MBA
Jason Robart

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Activate Care's mission, and how does it drive its solutions?

We are a mission- and data-driven leader in proactive social risk management solutions. We are dedicated to improving health and well-being by connecting individuals to their communities. We achieve this mission through innovative care models, our cloud-based CareLink platform, addressing social determinants of health (SDOH), and fostering better whole-person care.

How does Activate Care's history contribute to developing its solutions?

Our history traces back to 2012 when its founders, inspired by personal challenges in navigating the healthcare system, created technology to address fragmented care. In 2022, CEO Ted Quinn recognized the need for more innovative solutions, leading to the creation of Path Assist. Today, we leverage over a decade of experience, combining our platform with proactive social care interventions driven by community health workers to create a preventive, proactive approach to social care.

Who makes up the team at Activate Care, and what expertise do they bring?

We have a diverse team dedicated to addressing social drivers of health, improving health outcomes, and increasing health equity. The team includes public health and clinical professionals, nurses, community health workers, engineers, data scientists, and community relationship managers. The dynamic leadership team, led by CEO Ted Quinn, brings extensive healthcare experience, ensuring the development of innovative and effective solutions. The Board of Directors includes accomplished individuals such as Matt Christensen, Isaac Kohane, John Loughnane, Kenneth Mandl, Chris Palmieri, and Andrew Schutzbank.

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